Sale of Business

It comes with some mixed emotions that we would like to advise our Business, Supa IGA Lowood, has been sold.

The new owners of the Supermarket are Lowood Supermarket Pty Ltd who will be trading as Drakes.

Our Family business commenced on the 23rd May 1983 in a suburb of Canberra and will cease trading on Tuesday 4th December 8pm 2018 at Supa IGA Lowood.

We have built up many strong relationships and friendships with both suppliers and customers and our fear is that we won’t get the opportunity to express our gratitude in the appropriate manner, the next week will be intense with the strong possibility of missing contact with many.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our Customers and thank you for your patronage over the past 18 years at Lowood. Putting that period of time into perspective, some of our staff was not even thought of when we first started trading in Lowood. Time stands still for no one. The friendships and memories that have formed down the Grocery aisle, across the Deli, at the Register or just out the front of the shop we will have forever and enjoy. We sincerely hope that your shopping experience with our Family and Staff has been a pleasant and rewarding one.

Our Staff have supported us over many years. Both you the Customer and ourselves have so much to Thank them for. We were considered one of the largest employers in the Somerset Region and they have conducted their duties with pride, respect and understanding going above and beyond many a time.   To our Staff past and present, we Thank You.

At the moment the Family members are looking forward to having their 1st Christmas for 35 years without the worry of all the things associated with owning your own business. Where the future takes us, collectively or individually, is anyone’s guess but for now some rest and recreation will be had. Now that we have some time on our side we don’t have any excuse not to enjoy the serenity of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail and surrounding areas, a beautiful place to live and a great place to enjoy.

 A lot of people down Brisbane way need to experience the local hospitality; they would be pleasantly surprised by what this area has to offer.

We are proud to say that we are part of history in the Lowood Township and for this we Thank You.

Whitten and Lowry Families